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Welcome to Canine Design in Clinton, CT
Your dog will feel welcome at Canine Design
Premier Dog Grooming in a Clinton Spa
Dog owners across Connecticut are happy with the spa services and the way their pets are treated at Canine Design in Clinton. Cindy the owner is trained and certified to examine, bathe and groom dogs of all sizes and breeds. Her objective is to make every visit a positive experience.
Dog grooming services are provided on site by the owner. Standard services include bathing, shampooing, haircuts, nail trimming and dental cleaning. Specialty haircuts, nail polish and other salon services are available. Spa services include facials and oil treatments. Flea and tick dips and dematting are also offered at Canine Design.
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A good haircut allows a dog to see better, smell things better and walk around better.  When you can't see your dog's eyes, it's time to bring your pet to us for some care.
This friendly dog loves to "pawse" for a photo inside Canine Design Pet Salon.